Unknown - Good Garage Scheme

Friendly, efficient and reassuring.…

Posted By Unknown - 24-06-2014

Unknown - Good Garage Scheme

Really excellent service from Dunnington Motor Care - very professional and friendly and at the best price in town.…

Posted By Unknown - 04-08-2014

Unknown - Good Garage Scheme

Really good service again from Dunnington Motors. They were helpful and got me back on the road quickly after a suspension spring break.…

Posted By Unknown - 15-09-2014

Unknown - Good Garage Scheme

Was sent to the guys here with an automatic gearbox problem a few months ago. They did their best to fix it, but needed major repair which they advised me, I bought a new vehicle and have used them ever since. Had service, MOT, front bushes, electric work, door mechanism work done. I took it in to have brakes done all round and told them to only call me if the bill went over £500, got the van back with a bill for £55 as they said all pads were nearly new, discs at back would need replacing in about 5000-10000miles. Most places would have just billed me for new and I wouldn't have been any the wiser…

Posted By Unknown - 07-11-2013

Unknown - Good Garage Scheme

Reasonable price, great customer service, and no hassle. Well done.…

Posted By Unknown - 13-08-2014

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