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Save money in the long term avoiding expensive repairs by adhering to your vehicle manufacturers guidelines on servicing. Improve fuel economy and optimise the performance of your car - reap the benefits of a quality service from the real experts.

With dedicated service bays and expert technicians we can perform a service on any make and model of car. If you have a digital logbook never fear; we update that for you as well.

Dunnington Motor Care are now offering our customers Emission Control Services (ECS).

You can add an ECS Service to any service type at checkout. Contamination is removed from your engine, improving the running of your engine, ensures low emissions, improves fuel economy and improved vehicle performance.

An ECS Service also improves engine performance and response, poor starting, hesitation and flat spots and poor fuel economy.

The effectiveness of the methods and products used to complete an ECS service are guaranteed by the fact that should your vehicle fail a police emissions test within 6 months of the service test, Forte will pay your £60.00 fine.

Also, if the car has any contamination related to running problems after the service, your vehicle will be treated again free of charge.

Not only this, but if you perceive no difference in your vehicles performance after an ECS, you will be credited back the cost of the ECS! Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01904 481818.


Full Service: Recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles - whichever is sooner.

Interim Service: Recommended every 6,000 miles or 6 months - whichever is sooner.


We always use the manufacturer's specified oil required for your vehicle, and we always use OE parts.
ServiceInterim From £108Full From £240
 Service And MOTInterim + MOT From £138Full + MOT From £270
Pre Engine ChecksInterimFull
1. Check vehicle history
2. Check timing belt replacement interval*
3. Check for damage to bodywork, lamps, trims and oil level
4. Fit protective covers
5. Check condition and operation of all seat belts 
6. Check operation of interior and exterior lights
7. Check operation of ABS and airbag warning lights*
8. Check air conditioning operation including bad odour* 
9. Check windscreen washers and wipers
10. Check horn
11. Check operation of suspension dampers 
12. Lubricate all door hinges, locks, and bonnet catches 
13. Apply Forté treatments to remove internal contamination
14. Check fuel cap 
Under the BonnetInterimFull
15. Check cooling system including fan operation
16. Check and record Anti-Freeze protection
17. Check and record brake fluid condition
18. Check all auxiliary drive belts (not timing belt). 
19. Check engine breather system 
20. Check vacuum pipes 
21. Check power steering operation and fluid condition
21. Check power steering operation and fluid condition
22. Check throttle body. Clean if required. 
23. Check battery level and lubricate terminals 
24. Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels
25. Replace air filter* 
26. Replace spark plugs * 
27. Replace fuel filter* 
28. Replace pollen filter* 
Vehicle RaisedInterimFull
29. Change oil, filter and fit new sump plug washer
30. Check fuel lines and brake pipes
31. Check the condition and security of the exhaust 
32. Check and top up the axle and transfer box oil levels* 
33. Check and top up gearbox oil level 
34. Check all steering and suspension joints, mountings and gaiters
35. Carry out tyre report
36. Check all wheel bearings for excessive 'play' and noise (adjust).
37. Check CV gaiters and joints for wear or splits
38. Check clutch cable/cylinder* 
39. Grease all greasing points* 
40. Check operation and condition of front brakes
41. Check operation and condition of rear brakes (inc. handbrake) 
42. Carry out brake report
Vehicle LoweredInterimFull
43. Refill engine with specified grade oil
44. Torque wheel nuts/studs - locking wheel nut location
To FinishInterimFull
45. Carry out diagnostic check†* 
46. Reset service interval indicator* 
47. Road test vehicle and report any findings
48. Re-check engine oil level
49. Ensure all upholstery, gear lever, steering wheel etc are clean
50. Stamp books/update digital records
* where applicable † additional charges may be applicable
Additional service operations may be required for your vehicle make/model and will be charged at extra cost

For more information on what is included on each service please give us a call on 01904 481818 or Contact us using our contact form.

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